Birthday Bliss – Deco Foil Adhesive Transfers

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Today I have a brand new product to show you, it’s called Deco Foil Adhesive Transfers! These are new products from Thermoweb in collaboration with Gina K. Designs and Unity Stamp Co. These transfers come on an acetate sheet with many different images that you cut apart then apply them to your project by running them through a heated laminator. After the image is transferred to your project you then add foil to this image by again running it through your laminator! I had fun playing with this product and chose to use images from the Birthday Bliss transfer set to create a birthday card for my daughter. For my card I used a stencil and Transfer Gel Duo to create a foiled background that can be done using pressure from a die cut machine or a laminator, I used a laminator for my card. I then chose Adhesive Transfer images for my focal image and sentiment. This is a flashy card filled with lots of shine from the foil so to break that up a bit I went with black and white cardstocks for some contrast. All of the products I used on today’s card are from Thermoweb and Gina K. Designs. Let’s get started!!

I will be doing all of my work today on my Tim Holtz Glass Media Mat.

To start, I cut a 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ piece of Black Onyx Cardstock using my Guillotine Paper Trimmer and adhere it to the back of my Sunspots Stencil. Next, I add some Duo Transfer Gel to the top of the stencil and use my Stencil Pal to spread the gel evenly over my panel. I then carefully removed the stencil and put the panel aside to completely dry. *The gel goes on white and will turn to clear when it is dry. I then immediately washed my stencil and tools with warm soapy water.

Once my stenciled image is dry and completely clear I cut a piece of Rainbow Shattered Glass Foil to fit over my panel. I then laid my stenciled panel into a folded Craft & Carrier Sheet and placed the foil pretty side up over the panel, closed the carrier sheet then ran them through my laminator. I removed the panel from the carrier sheet and gently peeled off the foil piece to reveal my beautiful foiled design! *The foil can also be added by placing the panel with the foil on top (pretty side up) then run them through a die cut machine like you would a die. To protect the foiled image I would place a piece of copy paper between the foil and cutting plate. **For added pressure a piece of lightweight cardstock can be used with your die cut machine.

Next, I place a 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ piece of White Cardstock into my Scor Buddy and score it at 4 1/4″ inches, creating a card base. I then trim my foiled panel down (1/4″ on each side) to be 3 3/4″ x 5″ using my Guillotine Paper Trimmer. I use Liquid Glue and adhere my foiled panel onto the card base.

Here are the three new Deco Foil Adhesive Transfer designs, Love Is, Birthday Bliss and Follow Your Dreams. These designs are the perfect size to fit into a Stencil Pocket which is how I store mine.

I choose an image from the Birthday Bliss Transfer Design and cut it apart from the others using scissors. Next, I remove the protective film from the back of the design and place it onto a piece of White Cardstock and gently tap my finger over the image to secure into place. I then place the cardstock into a folded Craft & Carrier Sheet, close the sheet and run it through my laminator. I take the cardstock out of the carrier sheet and slowly peel back the transfer acetate which leaves behind a clear image that is now ready to be foiled.

Next, I cut a piece of Mystic Rainbow Foil slightly bigger than my image and lay it pretty side up over the image, then again place them into a folded Craft & Carrier Sheet and run them through my laminator. I then remove them from the carrier sheet and gently peeled off the foil to reveal my now foiled design. So beautiful! The image is not on pink as the photo shows, my lighting was off on that one. *Again, this result can be achieved with the pressure of a die cut machine both for transferring the image and adding foil. To protect the foiled design, I would place a piece of copy paper between the foil and cutting plate before running through. **For added pressure a piece of lightweight cardstock can be used with your die cut machine.

To cut out my image I use the plain circle die from the Master Layouts 8 Die Set, center it over my image holding it in place with Pixie Tape and run them through my Big Shot Die Cut Machine.

I now want to create a frame for my focal image. To do this, I take the stitched and scalloped circles from the Master Layouts 8 Die Set and center the two dies together then hold them in place using some Micropore Tape. I then cut out of White Cardstock four times, running them through my Big Shot.

Using Liquid Glue I stack and glue the four frames together. I then add Liquid Glue to the back of the stacked frame and adhere it over my foiled circle then center and mount my image onto the front of my card also using Liquid Glue.

For my sentiment I choose one from the same Birthday Bliss Transfer Design and repeated the same process as I did with my previous design. I cut out the design, removed the protective film from the back and placed it onto a piece of Black Onyx Cardstock, gently tapping it down. I then placed it into a folded Craft & Carrier Sheet and ran through my laminator. Next, I removed and slowly peeled back the transfer acetate revealing the design. I then placed a piece of Glimmering Gold Foil over the design, placed into the folded Craft & Carrier Sheet and ran through my laminator then gently peeled away the foil revealing my foiled sentiment. Next, I took my Micro Tip Scissors and trimmed a thin border around the sentiment banner.

To adhere my banner I added some Black Foam Squares to the back left side and added Liquid Glue to the right side where it would be resting over the frame. I removed the release papers from the foam then mounted the banner across the center of the image, hanging over the right side of the frame.

To add a finishing touch to my card, I foiled a “Made With Love” image from the same Birthday Bliss Transfer Design by repeating the process from above and this completes my card.

I hope you enjoyed today’s card and learned how easy these new Deco Foil Adhesive Transfers can be! This was my first time using them and I had fun playing around creating this card that I know my daughter will love getting for her birthday! Foils are a great way to add color and shine to your projects, whether you go all out as I did or add subtle shine to just a sentiment. Adding foil to your projects is quick and easy with Adhesive Transfers and remember that they can be added using a heated laminator or pressure from your die cut machine!!

If this is your first time visiting my blog, welcome and I hope you return. If you are a returning visitor, thank you so much for your support!

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Thank you for visiting and I hope you come back soon!

Happy Stamping and God Bless!!

8 thoughts on “Birthday Bliss – Deco Foil Adhesive Transfers

  1. Thanks Jeannie
    Your instructions are helpful and so easy to follow. I just purchased a laminator and awaiting my order of foil mates to give it a try!
    I enjoy your site
    Barb Linder


  2. thanks so much Jeannie for the inspiration. I forget how beautiful it is to foil and your amazing card has renewed my desire to pull out my foils and stencils. I just ordered Gina K’s new foiling designs and can’t wait to play! Love this card!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. thank you so much for the inspiration Jeannie! Such a beautiful card. I love foils and your card has inspired me to pull out my stencils and foils and have some fun creating. You always inspire me with your designs!!

    Liked by 1 person

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